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Gijinka-Town: Nao Lam by AkibiLy Gijinka-Town: Nao Lam by AkibiLy

Ahh, Nao just looks awkward when I tried to draw her legs.. So I left them out. ; w ; There are also typos and i'm too lazy to fix them. </3

Read this at your own will
Name : Nao Lam
Item : Pillow
Age/DOB : 16, October 21st

Likes / Dislikes :

✔ - Fluffy things, Tea, Cuddles, Sleeping/Naps, Ice Cream
✕ - Liquids [ Getting Wet ), Sharp Objects, Dogs, Fighting, People who Give Up

Personality :

Fun Loving - Because she lived in the country side, Nao never really knew much when It came to fun until she met Luca Spar [ around the age 8. ) He taught Nao all of the things you could do in the little town they live in such as sleeping in trees and playing tag/hide and seek in the tall grass. Ever since then she's alwats seeking for new fun things to do.

Dependant - Having overly protective family members, they would do whatever it takes to prevent harm for their "adorable baby girl" even if it was keeping her away from the kitchen. Instead, her brother, June, does all the cooking and cleaning around the house.

Motherly-Like - With no motherly figure to take care of Nao and teach her proper manners, her neighbors took her in every Sunday and taught her to be the sweet & Loving person she is today. They also taught her the basic cooking skills because she wasn't allowed in the kitchen in her own household.

Warm-hearted - When Nao was around the age of 13, she loved to explore her little town and find new and exciting places to hang around and nap. One day she over slept and when she woke up, she was completely lost as to where she was. It was not until a boy, one or two years older than her, came along and asked what was wrong. After hearing her story, he helped her find her way getting home and stopped to get ice cream along the way. Ever since that day, Nao swore that she would always be kind and warm-hearted to those who need it, like the guy that saved her. This guy was also her first crush.

Bio :
Nao is someone who puts others others before herself. Her mother died when she was around the age of 5 and having living with her overly protective father and brother, she's never really knew much of what the world was really like, or rather, what anything was like outside a 5 feet radius of her hometown. With no motherly figure to care for Nao, her neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Whitson, took her in every Sunday to teach her how to be the sweet & loving person she is now. Though having the Whitson's teach Nao proper manners and such, that didn't help what was going on in her house hold. Every now and then, Nao's father would teach her some basic [ but deadly ) tricks to fend off bad influences such as Sketchbook-San Pedos and such. A few years have passed and Nao's father allowed her to move in the city with the condition that June-Nii and Luca go with her. With that, The three of them [ along with some friends from neighboring towns ) set off to start a new life in the City.
Aekamii Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I love Pillow-Chan so much :iconsokawaiiplz: Everything about her is so... Cute and awesome~
Yumekoro Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
LOLZ Sketchbook-san doesn't approve XD Y U MUST MAKE ALL YOUR OCs FABULOUS LIKE BUFF POLAND :iconmanlypolandplz:

Sketchbook: HEY! I'M NOT A PEDO -3-
Aekamii Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Buff Poland, oh yus uvu
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