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January 3, 2013
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Star Crown - Klaus Destro by AkibiLy Star Crown - Klaus Destro by AkibiLy
AHHH, I finally finished with the app. I hope I did well. ; v ;


Name Klaus Destro [ Rhymes with house )
Age - 17
Gender - Male
Year - Second Year
Club - Basketball Club
Division - Chaser
    Support Ability [ Lucent Corona )-
      Being a game freak he is, Klaus uses his DS to keep track of Remnants. He always pushes the star button before turning on his DS for the day. When using his supporting ability Klaus uses Time Dialation to teporarily slow down the speed of a Remnent for up to 10 seconds. He can do this by drawing continus circles around Remnents on the touch screen is his DS. When full of energy the maximum times Klaus can do this is 4 rounds although the more Remnents in one circle the more energy is lost which lessens the chance of using his supporting ability until he's had recovered some more energy. [ approximate recovery time: 5 hours )

      Apathetic - At least, it seems that way. Unless he believes he can truley trust you or you interest him in any way, Klaus will totally ignore anything that can distrupt him from his games or if he thinks what you may say/do won't benefit him at all.

      Focused - Wheither it's one of his games, tracking Remnents, or sitting and listening to lectures in class, Klaus would always be focused on whatever needs to be done before moving on something else. Because of this he is inable to multi-task.

      Truthful - Dispite his Apathetic behavior, when asked a question, Klaus will answer you with a completely true statement/answer. This may discourage others depending on how he chooses to answer.

    Likes + Dislikes -
      ✓ - | Afternoons | Naps | Puzzles | Sweets | Teamwork and Competition |
      ✕ - | Mornings | Face-to-Face conversations | Nosy People | Slackers |

      Klaus lived in a rather wealthy habitat due to his parents owning an apothecary selling medicines and giving treatment to those who are ill on Asteri-Island. Being too busy with their work, Klaus' parents rarely had the time to spend any quality time with their son. He was homeschooled during his Primary school years due to his parents being worried that he couldn't take care of himself at such a young age without proper knowedge of taking care of himself. While his parents were at work, Klaus would stay home and play his DS most of the time after all his studies and homework for the day was done.

      At the age of 10, Klaus had reclieved his first cell phone. With little knowlege of how to use his phone, he had never really touched his phone unless It were to call his parents for emergencies. A few years passed and Klaus is now 14. Paying his DS as usual, Klaus decided to take a closer look into his phone. He started to play around with the buttons, checking different apps and such but the one thing that striked him the most was the star button at the bottom left of his phone. He has always noticed it ever since he had gotten the phone but never really pushed it thinking that it would do something bad. Klaus had wondered what the button would do so he built up the courage and pushed it waiting for something to happen, although nothing really happened. Dissapointed, he went back to playing his DS.

      A few more years passed and Klaus' parents had just been informed that he had been accepted to SC high school via phone. Seeing that this would be the perfect time for Klaus to make some friends instead of staying home and playing games all day long, they had sent him off to attend SC high school to start his new life outside the confort of his own house.

Quote - "Heh, That's O.P." [ O.P. meaning Overpowered )
Relationships - tba
Voice - [link] > Character > Yuuki Bancho > Sample Voices

Additional Information -
    -Plays basketball to keep himself active and staying fit
    -Is blind as a bat without his glasses
    -Tends to think too much into things.

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Naokichu Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
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