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WARNING : I don't really want to spoil things from the game Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel/Unwound Future so If you're currently playing or plan on playing the game I'd advise you to not read this. uvu;; But If you want to know what I'll be talking about here's a video :…

I can't really explain things well but I hope you get the AU. I just needed to type it out. :iconmingcryplz:

It started a few days ago when I was talking to a friend on Skype about the game Professor Layton and their endings and how they were well made. While doing that I had a davejade moment with the third game ending and I just. AHHHH

( I tried not to include the whole story of the game in here but idk eve;; )
Basically Dave would be Layton and Jade would be Claire and since Dave was the Knight of Time I thought it kind of fit. So how I imagined it was that Dave and Jade had just met again after an "incident" that happened a few years back. But during the time between the incident happening and them meeting again, Dave became all famous with his SBAHJ Movies and music such as Layton because a well known Professor with his puzzles. 10 years had passed and they meet each other again but Jade claims to be her "sister", Julie, and together they both go on this Crazy movie scandal hunt with his assistant, Lil Cal (Or Dirk, which ever you'd prefer.) After some epic rap battles and they find out that Gamzee was the one who was behind all that mess, whatever it was, and they solve everything with some Karkat paps later. Dave discovers that Julie was actually the real Jade. *GASP* But Dave is a Knight so he's all like "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you" *tear* and all that shiznatz. Jade reveals that she has to "go back to her time" and they kiss for the last time. ( amg ) So she turns the corner while Dave just stands there crying. At the end It starts to snow and this is the point where Layton takes off his had that Claire gave him and starts to cry. ( This is where you should cry, too. ) If you played the games then you should know that he NEVER takes off his hat like Dave never takes off his shades. ( Okay so Let's just pretend that Jade got him his rad shades, okay? e7e) And so Dave does the same and watches his love turn the corner and disappear forever while he just stands in the snow crying while Lil Cal or Dirk stands there silently... Oh, my kokoro

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January 9, 2013


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